The moment comes when you have been to the doctor and your pregnancy is confirmed and you realize you have to tell your family and friends about your life changing news. I had a pretty positive reaction from our families, my mom was surprised and his mom cried. We took the easy way out with most friends and did a Facebook photo post. And the rest of our family members found out by our moms. So it wasn’t too bad telling people of our upcoming life change. It is what happens after that, that makes telling everyone a little annoying. Everyone and their mother wants to give you advice. People who don’t have kids (but their friend or a family member does) want to tell you the stories they have been told, your mothers want to give out free advice even though you know times have changed and things are different from 30 years ago. People try to talk about breastfeeding and its benefits in front of others which is pretty uncomfortable. My list about this can go on and on. The part that makes all of this free mostly unwanted advice the most stressful if you have to be polite and do the smile and nod that way you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. When you secretly want to just have it all stop. Oh and it’s lasts the entire pregnancy. For me it wasn’t morning sickness in the first trimester it was trying not to be a hormonal crazy woman ready to rip off your head and tell you off about the unsolicited advice. Morning sickness was a piece of cake I just couldn’t be around garlic or bacon, sucked for my husband who makes bacon egg and cheese before work because he had to give it up until I could stomach it again, but that was it.