So a few weeks ago I decided I would get Zoey tested to see where she is with her developmental skills. Don’t get me wrong she is very smart and expressive and she has loads of energy, but she doesn’t talk to much. She has a few select words that she uses and she knows some ASL,but she doesn’t have close to thirty (apparently she should know 30-50 words by time she is two) so of course I started to worry.  Well they called back and said that they believe that Z could benifit from seeing a speech therapist.  Now of course everyone has their opinions on the topic of Z seeing a speech therapist, but all I keep saying is, what could it hurt for us to try?  Everyone tells me,”ohh she will do it when she is ready.”  OR “are you sure it is something she really needs?”  And the best one of all “Well my kids didn’t start talking until….”.   And I of course have answers to all of them.  First answer to the “when she’s ready” people.  Yes I know that I could wake up one day and she could start talking and then she will never stop after that,  but that is where you miss my point of doing this in the first place.  She is almost 2 and uses sign more than words and only has a vocabulary of 10 words.  And it makes communication between us very difficult.  So if I feel this might help my child and I communicate better then I am doing it.  To the “does she really need it?” people,  well I don’t know if she needs it, but since I have become a mom the one thing I have learned is follow my gut when it comes to the betterment of my child.  So once again why not try it, who is it really going to hurt?  If it’s not for us then it’s not,but if it turns out to Benifit her then I am doing it.  And lastly to the “Well my kids…”. My kid is not your kid,  it’s just that plain and simple.  Every kid is different and every parents styles are different.  What it all comes down to is this the one thing every parent can agree on, our children are precious. They deserve every chance and opportunity we can give to them. Not because it’s something our parents couldn’t give to us, but simply because they deserve it.  So I have decided I am going to meet with the therapist and see what she says and go from there.  No high expectations or negativity going into this process, we will just see how it goes day by day.