Blogging to avoid postpartum?!?

Does or will this blog help me to avoid postpartum?? I am not really sure from a professional standpoint, but writing has always helped me and soothed my soul. So I guess that is the main reason I feel I started this blog for myself. Somewhere I can vent, share and laugh about being a mommy. I am normally a person who bottles things up and I knew if I did that with also trying to take care of a newborn that I would head down a bad path. So hopefully…fingers crossed…I am making a good choice and writing this blog helps me. And if someone out there in the blogosphere also finds any of my posts helpful then that is also wonderful.


Bless my husband

If there is one person I am truly grateful for through this journey right now it is my husband. He has been amazing with our daughter and patient with me and my mood swings. He is juggling so many things right now, like working, building a beautiful crib and managing the house work. He has truly been a super dad and husband. Zoey and I are two very lucky girls to have a man like him in our lives. He might not read this or get to hear it very often but Thank You Thank You Thank You!!